7 popular autumn-winter hairstyles

Winter is just around the corner, and the weather is changing and becoming colder and colder. These changes include not only the climate but also your lifestyle and the beauty of your skin and hair. No better than changing your haircut to say goodbye to the summer season. Even if you are satisfied with your haircut, you must add some modern touches to it, keeping up with the fashion, and the cold weather of winter. All you have to do is choose the story that fits your face shape.

Graded hair

The tiered story has never been lost on the fashion scene, but its styles have varied from season to season and become more fashionable and practical than before. Such a haircut can add an elegant touch to your hairstyle, contribute to the definition of a soft frame of the face. As a basic rule, a graduated haircut requires two or more layers and shorter Tufts around the face. You can create attractive dimensions by using several gradients of your hair, and you can apply them with graduated side bangs for a fashionable look.

The “curtain”

The “curtain” or C continues its progress for the winter season, and here it occupies a leading position in the fashion of hair. Called the curtain, being divided into two parts to show the middle of the forehead, it creates a beautiful frame for the face and fits long hair. We advise you to try this casual, fashionable, and feminine hairstyle.

Asymmetric pop story

Revamp your style for the new season, and opt for the asymmetric pop hairstyle or what’s known as ANR ANL an. In addition to being a practical and comfortable haircut that doesn’t take much time to style, the asymmetric bob adds a modern twist to the classic bob hairstyle, making it the most popular winter style. Catch the eye of everyone around you with this amazing hairstyle!


The classic الشعر hairstyles return to the fashion front of the Seventies with modern touches, where we saw them in spontaneous and elegant styles at the same time. The Theshag story is based on its uneven layers that range from the top of the head to shoulder level in addition to the bangs that define the face and increase the attractiveness. The new version features scattered hair and a flexible style that requires no effort to implement. And the most important part is that it fits both short and long hair.

What most distinguishes this story development, as can smile through more than 50 different styles for your hair, starting with the demobilization of anarchism with the end of the low and cover the forehead, or a tuft of pendulous, short with green, or hairstyle الـBlow-out soft to add more volume to the hair, down to those which determine the framework for the face, or flowing strands on the body feathers, Feathered, and an endless list of hairstyles الـShag, the worthy author of long and short hair alike, and can be adapted in line with The Shape of the face.

The scatter hairstyle is the perfect choice for working women who are looking for a practical and easy look that suits more with their fast and demanding lifestyle; it is enough to blow her hair with her fingers until she is ready to go to her workplace.

The haircut of the

Short hair which reaches the borders of the neck length is equal aspects of the head and from the back, is the story lobby or a Lob that think of the hairdos that have attracted great admiration in recent years, which is still ongoing in the Season Fall-Winter 2020-2021. If you want to add a stylish touch to your winter look, the lop hairstyle is your perfect choice. This hairstyle gives a feminine touch and makes you stand out among the audience, whatever your hair type, yesterday or curly.

Pop short story

The short bob haircut, which is one of the most prominent trends in hair fashion this winter, is attractive and modern, and you can always find the style that suits you according to The Shape of your face or the density of your hair. You can choose a short bob hairstyle with soft curls if you have a round and plump face, as it gives you more femininity and attractiveness. You can also opt for a curly hairstyle, for a more youthful and vibrant look, or a smooth hairstyle with sidebands that gives a younger, vibrant look.

Very short bangs

A very short Bang will completely change your look, as it will make a clear and striking difference in your overall hairstyle. This haircut, with a very short bang or Baby bangs, beats the highlights of the autumn-winter hair fashion 2020-2021 and is the perfect choice for every lady who wants to give a renewed touch to her look in the new season, without any change in the look. Use short, thick bangs with your straight or wavy hair, provided you smooth it and you get a very soft look suitable for both day and night.

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