7 recipes for funky foods that get you out of boredom

Various foods with exotic, unconventional flavors are able to challenge the boredom that plagues some from frequent food.. Taste some of them.

Are you tired of the food you eat every day or ordering it when you go out to the restaurant or while you are sitting with your friends Here are 7 types of food by eating which you can get rid of the style of food you are used to?

Unconventional recipes against boredom

French fries with ice cream:

Surely you have eaten French fries with ketchup or various sauces, but this time nutritionists advise you to try potatoes next to ice cream! Yes besides ice cream, scientists explain that eating potatoes with their salty taste fits perfectly the taste of ice cream full of sugar, where potatoes make a balance in taste.

Pepperoni pizza with mayonnaise sauce with herbs and mustard:

It is customary to eat pizza with ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard with cocktails or salads but this time try to put this sauce flavored with different herbs with pizza you will taste the food you have never tasted before.

Watermelon and salt:

As summer enters, you are more likely to eat watermelon, especially with feta cheese or Constantinople, but what if you look in the refrigerator and do not find cheese, put light sprinkles of salt on the piece of watermelon will have the same effect as your mouth.

Cheddar cheese and apple pie:

Apple pie is high in sugar, but a piece of cheddar cheese with its salinity is able to reduce the trace of sugar in the mouth.

Sandwich with potato chips:

If you’re bored with all the sandwiches you’ve had, consider putting some potato slices inside the sandwich with BBQ sauce.

Chocolate and avocado:

Avocado is a healthy and delicious alternative to butter with chocolate, it has the same creamy texture as butter but with fewer calories, you can make from the two chocolate mousse with avocado and chocolate brownie and avocado.

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