Black Jamaican cake

Spiced, lethargic, and mixed with delicious dried fruits make this black Jamaican cake an incredibly tasty centerpiece!

Are you a fan of fruit cake, but want to swap it a little Try a cool makeover with this amazingly decadent black Jamaican cake! Sure to be a new favorite!

It is similar to a fruit cake in that it is a condiment cake mixed with dried fruits, but scented with orange peel, baking spices, lemon peel, and lemon juice! Lime is really what makes this cake unique!

The fruit is blended into the black cake until smooth rather than left whole, making it incredibly moist. You will never worry about a dry cake! The cake is so soft and moist, it really tastes like the best fruit cake I’ve ever tried!


This beautiful wet cake is an essential dessert in the Caribbean. It is not only served during the holidays but also served at almost every celebration!

Most families have their own version of the cake, but the recipe you see here is quite standard. It is a unique cake that you will absolutely love!

Why you will love this recipe!

Great flavor! The flavor of this fruity fermented cake is from this delicious world! Port’s sweet wine and rum paired with lemon and spices are very special!

Super moisture! This cake is wet. It’s like anything I’ve tried before! The texture is almost custard-like, very unique, and tasty.

The perfect birthday cake! Spiced, rich, fruity, intoxicating, this presentation cake will dazzle on a holiday table!


There are a lot of ingredients here, but do not worry-most of them are staples. The fruit mixture can also be soaked ahead of time, so you can make it up to 6 months ahead of time to save on preparation!

Fruit mix

9 ounces dried plum-9 ounces about 1 cup! You’ll want to dig it out before soaking it.
1 cup raisins-raisins are a great base fruit for a fruit blend. They add a pleasant sweetness and a lot of moisture.
1 cup golden raisins-also known as sultanas, golden raisins are also another wonderful essential fruit.
1 cup dried cherries-cherries add a sour bite to the fruit mix which helps balance the flavors!
Cup dried currants-currants are similar to raisins, but have a tangier, fruity flavor that works perfectly in the recipe of the dish!
1 glass of Port wine-you can use any red sweet wine here. Save more to soak the cake!
1U dark rum pairs perfectly with fruit and spices! You can use your favorite brand of rum here – but bonus points if you get Jamaican rum!

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