Colored eye makeup for brunette skin

Strong eye makeup colors are suitable for brunettes, as they give them a natural radiance and make their skin look lighter. Therefore, colored eye makeup, which is a popular and widespread makeup fashion among women, is an ideal option for them both on ordinary days, occasions, and evenings. In this article, we have chosen a set of colored eye makeup methods for the skin of the brunette, to choose from what you like.

Bright pink eye makeup with neon eyeliner

The pink color brightens the tan skin and makes it look lighter and brighter. For example, you can apply bright pink eye makeup over the upper eyelid down to the brow bone, with neon eyeliner running along the upper eyelid, along with several layers of mascara. Keep the rest of your look simple and glowing.

Yellow eye makeup with violet eyeliner

Yellow is also one of the makeup colors that makes tanned skin brighter and glow. Therefore, you can adopt bright yellow eye makeup, which is based on the use of yellow eye shadow on the entire upper eyelid with varying intensity, along with dark purple eyeliner on the entire upper eyelid, and comes drawn upward outside the eye.

Dark green eye makeup

The green color harmonizes with the tan skin to give it attractiveness and beauty. For this reason, if you are a brunette, do not hesitate to adopt a strong eye makeup in dark green color on the entire upper eyelid and along the line of the lower eyelid, with a shiny touch at the inner corner of the eye, to brighten the eye and make it brighter.

Fiery eye makeup in Orange

Orange is an ideal option for tanned women, it brightens them and gives their face an attractive glow. If you are a lover of fiery and bold colored eye makeup, you can adopt a bold and strong eye makeup using the bright gradients of orange color over the upper eyelid and at the corner of the inner eye in a smoky style.

Powerful eye makeup in violet tones

Violet is the most sought-after color in the world of makeup, it harmonizes with tanned skin. Therefore, do not hesitate to adopt a strong eye makeup with Violet gradients in the style of Saudi makeup expert Shahad Al Khattabi, so that you use a bright eye shadow with light and dark gradients of violet color, taking care to blend it over the entire upper eyelid perfectly.

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