How to make calm makeup for occasions

Many women are confused about getting the perfect way to put evening makeup at home in a calm and professional style, so we will introduce you below to simple steps and tips that will enable you to put calm and distinctive makeup on your different occasions.

Steps to make calm makeup for occasions

Preparing the skin to put makeup is by following several steps, namely cleaning the face to get rid of fat and dirt on the skin, by washing the face with a light wash for the face and warm water, then drying the face baltabteh and moisturizing with a cream suitable for the skin type and free of oils; to prevent clogging of pores, then apply nose, cheeks, and chin, blend with sponge or fingers with trending movements Apply concealer that matches the color of the skin on the defects such as dark circles and spots in the face, and blend it using the middle finger lightly without pressing it, then use the powder to fix the makeup and prevent the appearance of excess fat on the face, it is recommended to use a color that matches the color of the skin using for eye makeup apply eye shadow according to your taste, color of your dress and type Occasion.

It is recommended to choose colors that highlight the color of the eyes more, and we will know them below, and we advise you not to deliver the eye shadow to the eyebrow and place it above the eye fold a little, then select the eye using eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner in the eye drawing eyeliner, and can make a wing extending the line for the cheeks and face in general, and for the delimitation of the cheeks the lady should smile to perfectly distinguish the location of the cheeks And you put the blush on the right location, so you will get a professional and distinctive makeup.

How to choose the color of eye shadow and combine it in a professional way

The color of the eye shadow is chosen according to several criteria, including the color of the eyes; as the brown eyes suits most of the colors of the shadows, but prefer to choose the colors of dark shadows, the owner of blue eyes can choose soft colors and stay away from the smoky eye paint or what is known as Smokey; so as shimmering like cream or White on the inner corner of the eye; to add lighting to the eye, and blends a darker color than the color of the shadows on the eyelid one to two degrees on the fold of the eyelid, and blends a dark color directly above the fold of the eye to the inside using the shadows brush, and can highlight the color of the eye shadow and down, and The owners of small eyes can adopt two colors lighter in the center of the upper eyelid, the darker color should be above the outer corner of the eye, and do not deny yourself the make-up thick, but on the contrary; the correct application method will give your eyes more charm and attractiveness.

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