Tips for the most beautiful light youth makeup

While skincare is important in fighting wrinkles, makeup can be just as important to mask and disguise the signs of aging on the skin. Proceeding from this, we monitor you in the following, the most important tips for the most beautiful light youth makeup that makes you always look younger and gives you a natural bright look.

Forget about face contour

Undoubtedly gaining popularity among women over recent years, Face Contour is a technique that revolves around defining and sculpting cheekbones. But for light youth makeup, forget about the contour of the face, replace it with blush and bronzer, and the result will be a more youthful look.

Stick to Matt combinations

While bright and shiny makeup combinations look very attractive and striking, we advise you to use only matte makeup, especially bronzer, because the more shine the product, the wider the pores, and the older you look.

Avoid using fixing powder

Although firming powder is important, it can form a heavy layer on the skin, highlighting fine lines and wrinkles, making you look older, so avoid using it to make your skin look natural and healthy. You can only use under-eye fixing powder to ensure the concealer stays firm.

Don’t use too much foundation

Applying too much full-coverage foundation can be tempting for many women, but this step can highlight fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, avoid using too much foundation, make sure to apply it evenly, make sure to moisturize your skin well, and apply a little pink or peach cream blush over the apple of the cheeks for a natural, radiant and refreshed youthful look.

Avoid using dark eye shadow

For light youth makeup, be careful to avoid dark eyeshadows, as they can accentuate fine lines around the eyes. Instead, use eyeshadow in lighter and softer tones, along with brown and gray eyeliner, a trick that guarantees you the most beautiful light youth makeup.

Make lip liner your permanent friend

To make your lips look fuller and instantly look younger, always outline your lips with a lip liner, one that is as close to your lip color as possible. Then, fill your lips with transparent gloss and follow with light lipstick.

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