Traditional British Christmas cake

The traditional British Christmas cake is served all over England during the Christmas season and is the origin of the traditional fruit cake we enjoy all over the United States! There is something amazing about the warm spices, citrus fruits, and fruits soaked in a Christmas cake that combine with marzipan and royal icing to make a cake that can become a long-standing tradition.

Amazingly delicious Christmas cookies have soft fruits in every bite!

These cakes are so popular in England, that the not-so-great sales year sorry for sales of only 40$ 2022! Another amazing thing about the traditional British Christmas cake is that it is usually prepared several months in advance.

Ideally, the traditional British Christmas cake will start several months (2-3 months) in advance. However, notes for quick versions have been included in the recipe instructions.

Likewise, decorating a baked Christmas cake can be as quick as greasing it with apricot preserves and dusting it with confectionery sugar once it’s cooled!

What is a birthday cake?

Christmas cake is a rich and dense fruit cake filled with warm baking spices and soaked fruit (soaked in sherry, brandy, or rum) including grants (Zante raisins or Corinth raisins), raisins (golden raisins), and raisins. It is an English tradition to serve this cake during the holidays.

The Christmas cake evolved from the English Plum porridge (which combines savory meat, spices, and dried fruits). When richer English families began to bake in ovens, they made this fruit cake and wrapped it in marzipan. Spices were exotic and were supposed to represent oriental spices and a gift from the Magi to Christ.

Why you will love this recipe!

Traditional! This cake has long been a favorite of many – and for good reason! Traditional Christmas cake flavors only rich appetite!

Quick version! Do you like the classic version but forgot to start early I have included quick and easy version notes here for making a birthday cake on request or at the last minute!

Christmas flavors! Nothing screams ” Christmas!”More than a warm baking spice mix and a holiday fruit mix wrapped in a delicious cake!


For soaked fruits – (currants, raisins, raisins, iced Cherries plus brandy or sherry – or use orange juice.) Start the fruit with plenty of time so collect those flavors and all the fruit is sweet and soft!
Cake batter – (butter, brown sugar, eggs, black honey, almonds, large orange peel, and large lemon, versatile flour, mixed British spice mix.) Rich and delicious cake batter wonderful warm spices mixture of spices with equally delicious cake ingredients!

Cover – (apricot jam, warm water, marzipan, or confectionery sugar). The base layer to decorate your Christmas cake.
Royal ice – (egg whites, sugar, sweets, cream of tartar, freshly squeezed lemon juice). The final touch and part of what makes this cake so amazing!

  • Note that I made this traditional British Christmas cake in all three ways, the longer version to nourish brandy with both marzipan and royal icing. Soak the fruit overnight (I also use orange juice as an alternative to alcoholic beverages) – then a) drizzle with confectionery sugar or B) put the marzipan lid and frost with royal icing. All three versions are a delicious treat with an amazing flavor !!

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