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9 amazing benefits of tomato juice. Fighting to age and strengthening immunity

Fresh tomato juice or as many call it red juice of the best natural juices that may be recommended by experts change in light of its rich content of nutrients and the lack of calories made it one of the best natural juices and drinks that bring health benefits to the body that may not be imagined by many, but

Dozens of studies have recommended a lot of eating tomato juice, stressing that it is “a healthy treasure that fights aging, obesity and strengthens immunity” and is considered a nutritious and saturated material.

These are the benefits of eating tomato juice

According to these studies, experts advised drinking about 240 ml or a glass of tomato juice a day to get its benefits, warning to first check the sodium content in the products preserved from them, because excess sodium can adversely affect health.

Multiple studies have touched on the benefits of lemon juice, “tomato juice contains many biologically active compounds, which provide the body with many health benefits.

One of the first benefits of tomato juice is its resistance to drought as it is an important source of hydration of the body and supports its vital functions, and can help prevent dehydration and prevent disease because its water content is estimated at about 94.5 grams per 100 grams.

One of the benefits of tomato juice is its role in reducing osteoporosis as it reduces osteoporosis and helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis because it is available in large amounts of lycopene, which helps reduce the sign of bone resorption and oxidative stress due to its antioxidant capacity.

Juicetomato and lowering cholesterol levels

Lowering cholesterol is an important benefit of tomato juice as it helps to lower high cholesterol levels in the body, which can lead to atherosclerosis, stroke, and other circulatory problems.

Diabetes cannot be ignored as it also helps lower high cholesterol and glucose levels and can contribute to improving insulin sensitivity in people with diabetes.

Contribute to the maintenance of permanent youth and delay aging of the most important benefits of tomato juice as it helps prevent cell damage, which is caused by free radicals and promote cell renewal, which is necessary to slow aging, and helps in the treatment of many skin problems such as acne, pimples, and dry skin.

In light of the ongoing Corona pandemic, the role of tomato juice in the face of this deadly virus, as it contributes to strengthening the immune system, but can change the powerful carotenoids found in tomato juice, many proteins involved in cell proliferation and cell differentiation along with cleaning harmful free radicals.

It was remarkable according to many studies that monitored the benefits of lemon juice its role in weight loss as it helps reduce inflammatory cytokines, whose high concentration is associated with obesity or increased body weight, fat mass, muscle mass, and waist circumference, and the juice is considered low-calorie and saturated.

Orange juice and treating depression and anxiety

The benefits of juice do not stop when facing organic diseases, but extend to the treatment of depression and anxiety, as it contains large levels of lycopene and the amino acid GABA. These two compounds relieve many psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and mood swings.

One of the most exciting benefits of tomato juice was its role in fighting cancer, where lycopene, contained in tomato juice, as a powerful antioxidant, can help get rid of free radicals in the body, thus preventing the risk of cancer.

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