What are the causes of acne on dry skin?

It is believed that acne cannot appear on dry skin as it is limited to oily or mixed skin, which constitutes fertile ground for its spread. But the reality says the opposite, so what are the reasons behind the appearance of acne on dry skin?

The appearance of acne usually coincides with the excessive sebum secretion that oily skin usually suffers from, but these annoying pimples can also appear on dry skin.

The reasons are many:
The incidence of dry skin with acne is much lower than the incidence of oily skin with this annoying cosmetic problem. The reasons for the appearance of these pimples are different in the case of dry skin, the most prominent of which is the use of care products that may cause clogging of pores and the appearance of tartars, which in turn turns into acne. But there are also other factors influencing this area, including smoking, psychological stress, pollution, and an unbalanced diet.

Some may say that the role of diet in causing pimples still lacks conclusive scientific evidence, but there are many studies that indicate that foods with a high glycemic index and dairy products may be responsible for the emergence of an acne attack or for the exacerbation of existing pimples.

The right routine:
Cleaning the skin remains the essential step in any cosmetic care routine, regardless of skin type. In the case of dry skin that suffers from acne, it is best to clean it with a soft, rinseable cleanser that does not need to be rinsed off the skin. In this case, the oily formulations of the cleansing oils should be avoided and replaced with micellar water, especially for sensitive skin.

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After cleansing the skin, it is recommended to moisturize it with a product that has soothing properties and is suitable for acne-prone skin, to be used in the morning and evening. In the event that the skin does not respond to these two steps, there is an urgent need to consult a dermatologist in order to determine the underlying cause of the appearance of acne and prescribe an appropriate medical treatment for it. After the disappearance of the pimples, it is necessary to avoid any relapse in this area by using a non-tarnishing moisturizing cream while avoiding other factors that cause warts such as smoking and psychological stress.

Useful cosmetic ingredients:
It is not easy to reconcile dry skincare with fighting acne at the same time, as the active ingredients that treat acne are usually harsh on the skin, including alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids, which dry skin does not tolerate well. As for moisturizing creams that are too rich, they can aggravate the problem of acne, so it is recommended to replace them with creams that do not cause lubrication and are effective in moisturizing the skin in depth.

The beneficial development that we have witnessed recently in this field is related to the emergence of alternatives to the harsh particles on the skin that were previously used to treat pimples. Among the new alternatives that are soft on the skin and useful at the same time are substances such as “Enoxolone”, “Allantoin”, and “Niacinamide” (Vitamin PP). It is also possible to resort to cleaning the skin at the Beauty Institute, which contributes to reducing the appearance of acne.

Steps to prevent acne:
Some useful steps contribute to securing the prevention of the appearance of acne on dry skin that suffers from a predisposition to this problem.
• Avoid touching the face and the places where pimples appear on it constantly.
• Refraining from using the traditional treatments recognized in this field, such as toothpaste and back… which are not helpful in overcoming acne.
• Avoid using cosmetic milk that is not rinsed off on the skin.
• Do not over-exfoliate the skin.
• Not using rich makeup products with thick formulas that prevent the skin from breathing.

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