6 things that make eczema worse

Many people and children suffer from eczema, a skin disease that does not cure, but can alleviate symptoms, in contrast, there are a lot of things that worsen his condition, and today we will know eczema patients on 5 factors increase the condition of eczema and its aggravation avoided to enjoy a comfortable day free of colic.

6 factors that increase eczema symptoms
Recognize these factors that aggravate eczema and avoid them as much as possible.

Some types of foods trigger eczema
Bread, eggs, pasta, dairy products, some fish, and some nuts act as a trigger for eczema, and even some fresh fruit and vegetable juices, or meat can irritate the skin, so the best solution remains to identify foods that trigger eczema and avoid them to prevent food from being a trigger for worsening eczema.

Clothing type
Some fabrics and materials used in clothing may be the cause of the outbreak of eczema, and cotton made of short fibers, wool, and nylon may cause allergies and must be considered suitable fabrics for underwear, so people with eczema should be careful to wear organic cotton and Silk.

Decreased drinking of water and fluids
Dehydration can play a big role in exacerbating eczema, as eczema sufferers lose a lot of water through their skin especially during the hottest months, and have to

Take care to drink plenty of water all year round.

Weather changes
Even minor changes in weather conditions can have an effect on the skin of eczema patients. Where the seasonal change from cold spring to hot summer harms the skin of people prone to eczema and the transition to individual temperatures, numb air and dryness in the house due to the sudden use of the heating medium, will also have an impact on many conditions of the skin of individuals.

Hot water
Avoid hot showers and baths and replace them with baths proportional to room temperature, as well as replace scented soaps for soap and liquid detergents, as they dry the skin and cause irritation, with soaps that contain natural plant ingredients that do not cause skin allergies.

Night routine
Choose soft, cotton bedding to avoid allergies and regulate the room temperature, which is often more affected by your body.

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