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7 therapeutic benefits of orchid that you are interested in knowing about

Orchid is a popular drink famous in the Arab world, especially in the Levant and in Egypt and the Hijaz What benefits And is the orchid on the market adulterated

Many of us may consider the orchid one of our favorite winter drinks, but the truth is that most of us have never known the real orchid, and have never tasted it. If you pay attention to the description of the orchid powders sold in the markets, you will see phrases such as: “Orchid flavor” or “orchid flavor”. All of these products contain only a mixture of starch, vanilla, coconut, and Orchid flavors. So why do not Orchid drinks contain Orchid! And where did the real Orchid go!
What is an orchid
Orchid is a flowering wild plant, and its flowers are beautiful purple, and no wonder it is related to the flowers of orchids, within the plant family known as orchids, and the orchid (l Al) is the Turkish name that is believed to have come from the “Fox”.

Despite the beauty of the orchid flowers, the part of human interest in the orchid is the tubers, not the flowers, which are those bulbous organs that grow – in some plant species, such as potatoes – directly underground, and are usually used by the plant for food storage, and it is these tubers that are collected, dried and ground to make the orchid powder, from which the real Orchid drink is made, which was one of the most popular winter drinks throughout the history and geography of the Ottoman caliphate, and is still popular today in Turkey, the Levant, and Egypt.
Benefits of orchid as a remedy
The popularity of the orchid, in addition to the fact that drinking it is an excellent way to keep warm in the winter cold, is associated with the medicinal and healthy reputation of the plant, which recent studies have proven true in many ways, for example:

  1. Orchid treats liver diseases
    A 2015 study found that orchid extract has a depressant effect on liver enzymes, which qualifies it to join pharmaceutical formulations used to protect the liver.
  2. Orchid is an antioxidant substance
    In a recent study – 2017-it was shown that the orchid has propertiesantioxidant, oxidation in biochemistry is a reaction that converts the electrons of a particular substance into oxidizing agents that damage the cells of the body, and antioxidants are known to protect in general from cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Orchid reduces bloating and indigestion
    The orchid improves the functions of the digestive system in general because of its mucous substances, and has a soothing effect extending from the esophagus (where it is used to soothe the pain of reflux esophagitis) to the intestine.
  4. Orchid relieves and helps in the treatment of diarrhea
    The orchid regulates the movement of the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Orchid reduces coughing attacks
    Orchid has expectorant properties, which makes it especially useful in the treatment of cough, soothing cold symptoms.
  6. Orchid reduces skin problems
    The astringent properties of the orchid preserve the freshness of the skin, protect against the appearance of rashes and pimples.
  7. Orchid reduces stress
    Orchid is a calming drink for the body and for the psyche in general, which is why it has been used as a tonic for the nervous system and a sedative for stress and emotional stress.

Where did the orchid go
But that overwhelming popularity – the contagion of which spread to England and France in the seventeenth century – was not in the interest of the orchid, although it was in the interest of its traders; the insane increase in demand for this wild plant (which is not cultivated by humans but grows without their intervention) led to its increasing disappearance from the wild until it became an endangered species, and it is enough to know that to produce one kilogram of orchid powder requires almost a thousand plants.

This is what prompted the Turkish government – in a last-ditch effort to save the orchid-to take the decision to ban its export abroad at all. But it is still sold today in the Turkish local markets, as a ready-made powder or even as whole tubers dried and organized in threads like knots, and there you will find shops selling ice cream with orchid, which in turn is increasingly popular, but the orchid is sold there at exorbitant prices, of course, justified by the extreme scarcity with high demand, if you go one day to visit Turkey, consider saving some money, to try – perhaps for the first time the taste of the real Orchid.

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