The method of tanning at home

Do you dream of beautiful bronze but fear the Sun, your skin’s first enemy Learn with us about ways to tan at home that are safe, simple, and low cost, and we will give you tips to get the best tan at home apply on these recipes to get a wonderful bronze color without exposing your body to harmful sunlight.

The best ways to tan at home

We have selected for you the best 4 natural recipes for tanning using natural ingredients found in most homes, to get a natural tan at the cheapest cost and to get great results to follow the tips that we talked about in the previous paragraph.

Recipe for tea and sesame oil for tanning at home
This recipe is easy and simple, and its ingredients are at your fingertips and enter the oils that play a role in tanning, and these are the ingredients and method of preparation:


3 bags of tea
Cup of boiling water
A quarter cup of lanolin
A quarter cup of sesame oil
Method of preparation and use

Soak 3 bags of tea in a cup of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes, then remove the bags from the water.
Mix a quarter cup of this tea with a quarter cup of lanolin and a quarter cup of sesame oil in an electric mixer.
Slowly add the remaining amount of tea.
Distribute the mixture evenly over all parts of your body (use gloves) and leave it on for 15 minutes, you will notice your body discoloration after hours.
Carrot recipe, baby oil, and glycerin for a tan for facial skin
Carrots are known for their ability to tan and give you a great bronze color, while oils stabilize the color and help nourish your skin and avoid inflammation! Apply this tight mix and touch the difference yourself


3 tablespoons of liquid glycerin
3 tablespoons of coconut oil
3 tablespoons of carrot juice
Method of preparation and use

Mix the ingredients thoroughly.
Spread the ingredients on the face evenly and leave for an hour until you get the desired color.
Cocoa and lanolin recipe for natural tanning
For this task, you need cocoa and lanolin, which are the ingredients in most tanning blends, and these are the ingredients and the method of preparation


A glass of cocoa powder
Half a cup of white lanolin
Method of preparation and use

Mix a glass of cocoa powder with half a glass of white lanolin.
Spread the mixture over your body and leave it for an hour or until dry and then rinse your body with water.
Saffron and olive oil recipe for face tanning
This recipe is really great, and for a better result, expose your body to the sun for only 15 minutes, learn the ingredients and the method of preparation with us.


A quarter cup of saffron powder
A glass of olive oil
Method of preparation and use

Mix a quarter cup of saffron powder and a glass of useful olive oil
To tan well, then spread it over your body.
Leave for a full hour.

Tips for the most beautiful bronze skin at home

Exfoliating the body before tanning is a necessary stage to get a good tan and ensure a prolonged Tan. You can exfoliate by rubbing your body with sugar and olives for 10 minutes in wide circular motions. Exfoliation and shaving should be done 24 hours before tanning.
The truth is your body hair before tanning because if you do this job after tanning you will shorten the life of the tan.
Enlist your girlfriend or relative to help you nail places that are difficult to reach or see well.
Start by spreading the nail from the top of the hands, from the shoulders to the hands, and for the legs, from the thighs to the feet, by massaging in wide circular movements.
Run an ice cube over your skin, which will close the pores and hair follicles, making you avoid the small dots that sometimes appear when tanning.
Distribute the tanning oil evenly and evenly, and lack of distribution efficiently leads to the appearance of longitudinal lines, and once increased will not increase efficiency at all, the skin absorbs only the amount it needs.
To enhance the bronze color you got moisturize your skin well. And if you like the result, prepare yourself to repeat the ball after 3 weeks (the duration of the skin’s life cycle).
When you do not get the desired result, do not panic, there are always ways to get rid of the wrong Tan, apply it, and forget what happened.
After you got acquainted with the ways to get bronze skin at home, do not hesitate to apply it with the use of the tips that we have given you strictly, and do not be afraid of the experience even if the first, if you get the wrong tan for the skin, it can be fixed and if it is positive will be your summer more beautiful and your confidence is greater for the wonderful bronze skin color you got.

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